Composers and musicians worldwide use the unique sounds, spectra, scales and progressive instrument designs.


Antony Genn (GB)

Chong Huey Ching (CHN)

Daisuke Ishiwatari (J)

Dieter Mack (D)

Francesco Maria Paradiso (I)

Franz Ferdinant August Rieks (D)

Martin Jaggi (CH)

Nurulla Farangis (TJK)

Olivier Truan (CH)

Rebecca Saunders (GB)

«For the two bass nicophones I composed the first time in the room collage "Stasis" (2011). Dirk Rotbrust had shown me the instrument when we experimented with various percussion instruments.

The use of various mallets such as metal, large, soft rubber, hard plastic, tubular bells, various striking points and playing techniques always produces a very broad sound spectrum of highly differentiated, long-lasting resonances. Since then I have composed several works with the instrument.»

Rebecca Saunders (1967), Composer


Birmingham Contemporary Music Group (GB)

Casa da Musica (PRT)

Contrechamps (CH)

DeciBells (CH)

Ensemblekollektiv (D)

Ensemble Ascolta (D)

Ensemble Intercontemporain (FR)

Ensemble Modern (D)
Ensemble Mosaik Berlin (D)

Ensemble Selisih (D)

Ensemble XII (EU-USA)

Ircam Paris (FR)

Klangforum Wien (A)

Les Percussions de Strasbourg (FR)

Lucerne Festival Academy (CH)

Musikfabrik Köln (D)

Schlagzeugensemble Freiburg (D)

«For the realization of the music for the middle part of "Coal, Ashes & Light" (a ballet evening by Kinsun Chan for the Theater St.Gallen) I suggested a hatching for Nicophone to the choreographer. Domenico Melchiorre gave me several different nicophones to choose from and I decided on one that fitted the idea perfectly, both in terms of sound and form. Lunason then made a special design according to my ideas, which leaves nothing to be desired. Perfect processing, perfect sound!» 

Fritz Hauser (1953), Percussionist and Composer

Universities of Music

Conservatorio della Svizzera Italiana (CH)

Eastman School of Music, New York (USA)

Musikhochschule Basel (CH)

Musikhochschule Brüssel (BEL)

Musikhochschule Freiburg im Breisgau (D)

Musikhochschule Lübeck (D)

Tokyo University of the Arts (JPN)

Symphonic orchestras

Jenaer Philharmonie (D)

SWR Freiburg (D)

Sinfonieorchester Basel (CH)

Theater und Orchester Neubrandenburg (D)