The Nicophone is a modern instrument developed by LUNASON. It is made of metal, which is based on a special alloy, processing and refinement. Nicophones are produced in various series and models with original designs. The sound of the instrument points to a new dimension. The sounds of the nicophones live from a multitude of overlapping frequencies in the micro-interval range. Depending on the hardness or mass of the mallets, the dynamic parameter changes as usual when playing. The unique feature of the sound of the nicophones, however, is the richness of their sound spectra. What musicians sometimes suspect to be electronically filtered can be produced purely instrumentally. The nicophone basically consists of various lamellae that produce an enormous, harmonious spectrum of overtones and interference. The development of the nicophone, which has taken more than ten years, was partly the result of collaboration with musicians, mechanics and physicists with regard to the interaction of the material, the processing, the design and the final finish. What began purely empirically led over years of research and development to mathematically sound and exact instrument construction plans, a protected property of the LUNASON company.

Nicophone S

Nicophone X

Nicophone M

Nicophone - Edition Dieter Mack

Bassnicophone - Edition Rebecca Saunders

«For the two bass nicophones I composed the first time in the room collage "Stasis" (2011). Dirk Rotbrust had shown me the instrument when we experimented with various percussion instruments.


The use of various mallets such as metal, large, soft rubber, hard plastic, tubular bells, various striking points and playing techniques always produces a very broad sound spectrum of highly differentiated, long-lasting resonances. Since then I have composed several works with the instrument.»


Rebecca Saunders (1967), composer

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