Iannis Xenakis calls in his work Les Pléiades (1979) for a special instrument, so-called sixxen.

The name was created by the composer and arose from the combination of the two words six and Xenakis. His work Les Pléiades is today considered one of the milestones of percussion literature. The details of what sixxen are and how they should be tuned or not tuned Iannis Xenakis noted in the score.

He writes that for each of the six percussionists, there must be 19 metal sounds each, which should be neither chromatic nor diatonic tuned. The company Lunason has tonally oriented in a new direction with its own developed sixxen, since it does not use metal as often iron but aluminium plates. If all musicians play simultaneously on their different sixxen, one hears each note due to the clarity of the attacks and the frequency. The peculiarity of this set of sixxen is the "Drone" emerges. The aluminium plates sound full and long, which gives it noticeable interference.

This special sound experience is supported by the mood of the records. The pitches from tone to tone are less than halftones but not quarter tones.


Métaux from Pléiades by Iannis Xenakis


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