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The Nicophone is a newly developed instrument from the LUNASON company. It is made of metal, which is based on a special alloy, processing and refinement. Nicophones are produced in various series and models with original designs. In terms of sound, the instrument points to a new dimension. The sounds of the Nicophone live from a multitude of overlapping frequencies in the micro-interval range. Depending on the hardness or mass of the mallets, the dynamic parameter changes as usual when playing. What is unique about the sound of the Nicophone, however, is the richness of its sound spectrum. What is sometimes assumed by musicians to be electronically filtered sound can be produced purely instrumentally. The Nicophone basically consists of various slats that produce an enormous harmonic spectrum of overtones and interferences. The development of the Nicophone, which has taken more than ten years, has partly been the result of collaboration with musicians, mechanics and physicists with regard to the interaction of the material, the processing, the design and the final refinement. What started purely empirically, led over years of research and development to mathematically based and exact instrument construction plans, a protected property of the LUNASON company.

Nicophone S

Nicophone S.jpg

Nicophone X

Nicophone X.jpg

Nicophone M


Nicophone - Edition Dieter Mack

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