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Spicas are metal rods. They are based on a special alloy and refinement. On the top and bottom side they have grooves of 2 millimetres in height at intervals of 15 millimetres. They are suspended at two points from a suspension device which was designed so that a mallet can be pulled over the instrument along its entire length without getting in the way.

If you strike the spica with a hard mallet, a very bright tone will sound for about 5 seconds. A basic frequency is audible. Due to the surface structure of the spica, however, the overtone spectrum is very rich and colorful and adds a uniquely brilliant sound tail to the fundamental. If one interrupts the sound after striking it by abruptly damping it, one can hear sound flashes, as if they were produced electronically.

Spica Fünfer Set

The Spica S consists of five metal rods. The set of five is tuned microtonally. The frequency spectrum in which the Spicas sound is in the range of G5 and A5. If you strike them quickly one after the other so that the vibrations interfere, a spectral buzzing can be heard. This whirring is supported by the sound spectra of the individual spicas, which are rich in overtones. 



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