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Pyrablocks belong to the family of percussive wooden instruments. Due to their pyramidal shape, each pyrablock has a spectrum of deeper and higher wood sounds. If you change the attack point while playing, a change in frequency becomes audible. From the middle of the black percussion plate you can play in a lower as well as in a higher register by changing the attack point.

Pyrablock Set of three

The Pyrablock triple set has three different sound registers. One low, one middle and one high. The three Pyrablocks sound full and powerful in the three registers. With soft mallets the two lower Pyrablocks sound round and soft. With hard mallets the two higher ones sound sharp and crisp. If you play on all three Pyrablocks you can either use a medium-hard mallet or a four-mallet technique, softer mallets for the low sounds and somewhat harder ones for the high sounds. The pyrablocks can be nested inside each other and are therefore easy to transport.



Notationsgrafik Pyrablock.jpg


Notationslegende Pyrablock.jpg
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