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«The company LUNASON is developing a progressive set of instruments. In its philosophy it combines the passion in the exploration of noble sound worlds with the uniqueness of its creations. It stands for innovation and quality in the music of our time.»  

Domenico Melchiorre, research and development, founder


By incorporating cutting-edge engineering, contemporary material science, surface finishing techniques, machines such as waterjet cutting machines, laser technology, milling technology, turning technology, tic welding technology, plasma cutting technology, and 3D printing, musical instruments are designed that allow one to step into a new dimension musically.


With a team of specialists in the field of physics, material science, design, 3D drawing, craftsmanship, packaging, the prototypes of the instruments developed by Domenico and Nicola Melchiorre are further developed and refined. In addition, a team of packaging designers from Basel develops environmentally friendly transport packaging for each LUNASON instrument.


Basically, 3D drawings are created in which the experts always refine the prototypes with great attention to detail. The vibration data of the instruments are increased and further parameters such as weight, design, handling, transportability and many more are significantly improved.


According to the 3D drawings of the engineers, the instruments and the packaging are then manufactured by highly qualified experts such as carpenters, turners and locksmiths using state-of-the-art machines. 


The resulting samples are improved until they are offered for sale on this website and pre-produced in multiple versions.


"Instruments of our time, for the music of our time".


This is the vision that the team at LUNASON believes in, and by creating its progressive range of instruments, it is making a significant contribution to the music of the modern age.

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