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The zheng belongs to the cordophone family of instruments. It is an instrument that is mainly used in the Asian region. The strings of the zheng are basically plucked.

On the one string from the bridge the string is made to vibrate. At the same time it is possible to raise the frequency by more than a semitone by pressing down the string on the other side of the bridge. This makes a glissando or a strong vibrato or simply a higher fundamental frequency of the string possible by increasing the fundamental tension.


The Zheng by LUNASON was developed from a fine metal body. The small bridges are made of aluminium. On the Asian Zheng, these parts are made of wood.

This Zheng has a more overtone-rich timbre. Like the wooden Zheng from Asia, it is not a loud instrument, but very delicate and delicate. The fine metal alloy of the body gives the sound a spatial and spectral note.

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